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Fall 2018

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  • Bad Brush Behavior
    This year's Brush Day—which is now
    called Chipping Week—started off well.
    No wildfires broke out to pull the Hotshots
    away, and residents piled brush alongside the
    roads as requested. Then the dumping began.
    Some jerk (we say politely, since this is the newsletter) mistook MCA's large collec-
    tion point — the big turnout below the "wye" at Mission Canyon and Tunnel roads — as
    the county dump, ......
  • Prepare Now for the Next Fire
    Last year we were horrified by the Wine Country Fires, then our own Thomas Fire, and this year's devastating debris flow that was a direct result of Thomas. As we write, massive fires are burning throughout the state. We in Mission Canyon suffered the Jesusita Fire in 2009, and for anyone who's moved here since, this article is for you.....
  • Edison Proposes to Turn Off Power
    At the meeting held at Earl Warren on August 15, Southern California Edison reps talked about replacing the old stuff—swap- ping 4,000 circuit miles of wire with in- sulated wire over the next eight years and adding fire-resistant poles, composite cross- arms, and more sensitive fuses to avoid the "spark and arc." One...
  • What's Up at the Garden?
    Parts of the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) that the Botanic Garden operates under just don't fit very well. The Garden and a Mission Canyon Association com- mittee met between 2012 and 2014 to tailor changes, for which the Garden is now com- pleting studies, as requested by the county. In the fall, a public review process, with the Planning Commission, should begin; the changes will affect both the Garden's ability to renovate its property as well as its opera- tional procedures....
  • What Does Red Flag Mean?
    I t's all about fire. A Red Flag Warning is issued for weather that could result in ex- treme fire behavior in the next 12 to 72 hours. In Mission Canyon, parking is prohibited at the Tunnel Trailhead and the Botanic Garden closes. Residents point their cars downhill. The National Weather Service makes the call on Red Flag, basing its decision on wind, temperature, humidity, and potential dry lightning strikes....
  • New Trail Relief
    I f you hike Tunnel trail or live at the end of Tunnel Road, you've probably noticed a porta-potty and receptacles for trash and recyclables now installed at the parking area just above the Moody house. When homeowners at the trailhead com- plained of hikers using their property and the trail itself as places to drop their trash and relieve their bowels, ...
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